About Us


About Us


“Every once in a rare while, you find a company that exceeds your greatest expectations in quality, customer service, and pricing. The Honos Group is that rare company.”

— John Larson - Partner Larson & Greenberg Law Group





What We Do...

what we do is actually pretty simple – we will introduce you to the world

We bring your company to life online. We use the most versatile and comprehensive technology and design elements to empower you to be found online, provide your online guests with an experience they will remember, and allow you to stand out from the competition.

First impressions are important, and we want to create a total sensory experience for your web visitors and users. As Google states, you have 3 seconds to capture your visitors and it is our mission to keep them there and return often.

we are honos creative

We are a team of dreamers and doers; a team of creative designers, developers, technologists and entrepreneurs who combine a wealth of experience and success to bring visions to life for companies of all sizes.

The Honos Group is a creative agency focusing on all things digital for companies of all sizes, with an emphasis on web and mobile design and development, as well as all technologies to enhance a company’s online capabilities.

We partner with our clients empowering them to differentiate their brands by combining Art with Technology. We create world class, visually impactful web and mobile design utilizing the extensive array of tools and technologies whilst enhancing our clients’ online presence with marketing support. We help brands and businesses differentiate themselves in the digital and conventional media landscape by creating a memorable experience for their customers and clients, increasing visibility to attract new customers and providing them with a reason to stay longer and return more often. We approach and embrace each project with enthusiasm… whether you are a small start-up looking for your first online presence or an established multi-national seeking a re-design with enhanced technological capabilities.

we engage in smart marketing

In this day and age, if you aren’t marketing your business online, you are missing out – big time. Online advertising is effective and cost-efficient. We can get you started and keep you going.


clean design

Principles Of Effective Branding Online

Before you can build an engaging, purposeful site to promote your brand, products and/or services effectively, you first need to understand the viewing habits of users.

Basically, users’ habits on the Web aren’t that different from customers’ habits when shopping in brick and mortar stores. Like window shoppers scan windows before deciding to enter a store, web visitors glance at each new page, scan some of the text, and then click on the first link that catches their interest or vaguely resembles the thing for which they are looking before entering to far into a site. In fact, there are large parts of the page they don’t even look at. And, if they don’t see anything that catches their attention, they will move on to a site that does.

Web users are impatient and insist on instant gratification. Very simple principle: If a web-site isn’t able to meet users’ expectations, then the design has failed to get the job done properly. Complicated and overloaded with information are two quick ways to get users to leave the web-site and search for alternatives.

Users follow their intuition. Users want to have control. Users want to have an experience that is comfortable and easy.



Passion Is In Our DNA

So, Let's Have Some Fun.

Our work is fun and so are our client relationships. we believe the creative process should be collaborative, passionate and fun. bring us your dreams scribbled on a bar napkin or delivered in a formal proposal and we will help you achieve your goals… and we’ll all have a great time along the way.


Ever thought about your reputation? Your reputation is more than just your web presence and we provide online and offline design and production. Trust us to be your creative partner.

small world

Our Chicago office enables us to be in the energy and creativity of the big city, yet also provides us with the ability to get to various parts of the earth with ease and speed. whether you’re in the city with us, or several thousand miles away, we are available to help you achieve your creative and digital needs.





honos creative design principles:

  • don’t make users think 

  • don’t squander users' patience

  • manage to focus users' attention

  • strive for feature presentation/call-to-action 

  • effective message, content and copy

  • strive for simplicity

  • don’t be afraid of white space

  • communicate effectively visually

  • basic design, functionality and navigation are our friends 

  • test early, test often

bottomline: if you want an effective site, your must test and re-test




immerse yourself

to involve someone completely in an activity