Jasper is a new app, that uses Artificial Intelligence to detect Bullshit & fake news with more than 95% accuracy

Jasper actually detects Bullshit & fake news

More than 95% accuracy
The BS detector is a browser extension/Siri/Alexa compatible app that seamlessly integrates with your favorite browser to find and flag fake news and bullshit information.

With so many advances in natural language processing and machine learning, we thought maybe, just maybe, we could make a model that could flag news content as fake and bullshit, and perhaps take a bite out of the devastating consequences of the proliferation of fake news.

In the recent wake of the Facebook privacy issues and #fakenews, The Honos Group designed and engineered Jasper to literally act as a bird dog to ferret out bullshit information and fake news.

Search the internet
So, whether you are searching on the web via Alexa, Siri or Chrome, or still using the antiquated finger to keyboard, Japser has your back.

No Bullshit
During your highly secure and high-class security online searches for shoes, hotels, cars or whatever catches your fancy, Jasper will alert you with an audible “I call Bullshit.”

You then have the option of proceeding through to the Bullshit or safely navigate away to no-bullshit waters.


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