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You may not believe this, but we do sometimes leave our computers and venture to the real world (we bring them with us, of course).

As technology geeks and storytellers, we enjoy meeting and discussing the importance of not only having a web presence, but also having a complete online presence. We enjoy having coffee with everyone from executives of multi-nationals to meeting one on one with dreamers starting their own home-based business.

Give us a call and we can chat about:

  • Growing your business online

  • Maximizing your online presence with simple navigation and functionality

  • Driving revenue to your business with a few simple tricks

  • How your website should be working for you to attract new customers

  • Supercharge your web presence with simple SEO

  • Why “build your own sites” don’t work

  • Debunking the myth that a well-designed web site with SEO and mobile optimization is expensive

  • Learn how to stand out, be found and retain customers

  • Become a social butterfly

We love talking about what we do almost as much as we love doing what we do.

The Honos Group is proud member of the Chicago community. Our mission is to educate, partner and collaborate with like-minded businesses looking to maximize and optimize their potential.