Are you looking for more ways to increase your follower count on Instagram? 

Want your Instagram account to stand out from the competition?

Follow these tips! 

Post Consistently

  • Those who post at least once a day are more likely to increase followers and likes

  • Your follower growth rate can double just by posting up to 7 posts a week

Go live – post videos and stories

  • More than 250 million people share video based stories every day

  • Going “Live on Instagram” automatically pushes you to the front of the stories feed

Share User Generated Content

  • Don’t be afraid to take the best content from the web and feature it on your own channel – just don’t forget to credit the original creator!

  • User generated content increases the chance of turning that Instagram follower into a customer!

Collaborate with Others

  • Extend your reach and increase your followers with collaborations such as partnerships and sponsorships

  • If you have budget for sponsorships, consider investing in influencer marketing

Post at Your Best Times

  • There isn’t a universal “time to post” – everyone has their own best time depending on followers, habits and content

  • The best time to post is when a majority of your followers are active. To find this out, tap on your profile photo/tap on the Instagram insights icon (bar chart)/scroll down to “followers” and tap on “see more”/scroll down and you can see the days and hours that your followers are most active


Use Quality hashtags

  • A study by Simply Measured found that the highest amount of engagement is generated from the use of #hashtags and location tags

  • You can target your audience and gain larger exposure by using location tag and carefully selected hashtags

Use Your Analytics

  • Increase following by posting quality content that your followers will want to engage with

  • Instagram Insights gives you the data to help you understand which posts your followers like the most.  To find out what your top performing posts are – Tap on profile photo/tap on Instagram Insights icon (bar chart)/scroll down to “posts” and tap on “see more”/Your top posts will be organized by impressions/Filer your posts by tapping on the sentence at the top of the page

Engage Your Fans

  • Engagement is a key component of the “Instagram Algorithm” used to decide how many people to show your post to - If you have a very high engagement, your posts could even be featured in the “Explore Tab” which reaches even more people

  • Increase engagement with your followers by liking and replying to their comments on your posts

Host Contests

  • Contests encourage new followers by inviting your current followers to tag a friend in the post to enter a contest

  • Increase followers and engagement by expanding visibility and getting in front of new people


  • It’s easy to ensure extra exposure from Instagram with a simple click to share your posts on other platforms

  • Studies have shown that images posted to Facebook via Instagram receive more engagement than those only posted to one page

Make it Easy to Find Your Instagram

  • Make sure you let all of your customers and site visitors aware of your Instagram by placing links on your site

  • Add an Instagram feed to your Facebook page for added exposure and embed Instagram photos into your blog posts.

Following these tips will lead to more followers and higher quality engagement which will help you achieve your business goals!