Looking to make some improvements to your business website and eliminate those annoying outdated features that make visitors leave your site?

Here are some common web design mistakes to avoid:


Disabling Zoom on Mobile Sites

If you visit a website on your mobile that you want to read, then it’s annoying to find that you can’t zoom in to make the text large enough. Make sure you allow visitors to zoom in so they don’t abandon your site.

Autoplaying Videos with Sound

While you may think that the sound blaring at people when a page loads is a good way to grab their attention, it’s not.  Don’t scare people away from your site with unwanted sound.  

Light Grey Text on White Backgrounds

Readable text is all about contrast, especially on mobile devices, so make sure that the color of the font is significantly different to the background

Tiny Text

You want people to stay on your site and read the information you are sharing so make sure it’s a pleasurable experience for them with modern typography and large enough text.


Drop Down Menus That Aren’t Touch Friendly

It’s important to consider that these days, many people interact with their PCs via touch screens so make sure navigation aspects are all touch friendly.


Too Many Big Images

If your page has too many large images, it can be slow to load and slow to scroll.  Don’t push people away from your site by making them wait for pages to load.


Missing the Small Details

Every detail matters – from alignment on menus to consistent headers – take the time to ensure your site is aesthetically pleasing and reflective of your brand.